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The story of a guy who lives with his sister without parents. He suddenly finds a robot (automaton) that looks like a girl, but it is broken.
The main character will have to repair the automaton and face the problems that she brought herself.

In the game, you can meet the main characters, such as: a younger sister, a friend's mother, a childhood friend, an automaton, a sister's friend, a teacher, and other minor characters with whom you can have sexual relations.

The game has hints that will help you complete the game. But if this is not enough, then you can use the official guide.


A visual novel that allows you to move freely around the world and communicate with characters. Explore the world, complete tasks, communicate with characters, develop relationships.

The controls in the game are similar to those of a normal visual novel. Perhaps one mouse is enough for you.

Follow the project  and see what's coming in the next free update. The official changelog can be found here.


Go to the discord server to discuss the game. And follow me on SubscribeStar to keep up with the news or be the first to try the new version.




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AutomatonStory 0.0.18 Win/Linux 180 MB
AutomatonStory 0.0.18 MAC 145 MB
AutomatonStory 0.0.18 APK 164 MB


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where is the park to talk to sara

Tap on every tree near the school 

After Tap on the right sign  she is there Saturday or Sundays

this games fukin rad awesum stuff fur 11/10


How do i listen to sis?

yes what time and day and where do i go to listle to sis for monica story to cuntinue ?


I'm on version 0.1.0 and the hints are telling me to take the automaton to the factory but nothing happens no matter who I interact with. And it wants me to ask Monika about the thief but the only option with her is "nothing". Does anyone know what to do?

Talk with the dragon girl at the club for thr thief

Yeah im stuck too, tried to get to the dragon girl but she had nothing to say

How do you find the thief for Monika? I'm struggling hard right now.

From what i remember you help and help with teaching then you talk to the shy girl and she knows something apparently 

Soo... The protagonist have a sister? (That could save more time!) <(^.^)<

Why she can't be a protagonist too? No! STOP! TOO MUCH TROUBLE adding new dialogues for her and other characters! (and her Big brother!) probably more!


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Hoe Do You Find Evidence For Monkia?


Hello sir, 

Hope you are doing fine, i just wanted to report a small problem when i was trying to update Automaton Story from 0.0.17 to 0.0.18 and when i would update it in my android phone, an error would pop up saying that the app cannot be installed as package appear to be invalid. 

I tried to search for a solution on YouTube but the only solution was to delete the app and install it back again but the problem is that i don't want all the data to be lost and start from the beginning again. 

Can you please help me, it would be much appreciated 

Thank you



This is from the walkthrough of the game


For this, the sister's Love must be equal to 3.

The tools are in the house, but you need to find them. Sister will help you. Talk to her.

Select “Talk” and “Tools” options.

How do I fix the broken energy cell? No matter what I tap, nothing happens.

Deleted 26 days ago

When you ask karl go to the library if you cant find it just press every  building in the map and when you find it there is a doorway on the left press it and talt to the dragon


I love the game

Please more :3

Love the new update fam <3

how to ask Karl about new books?

check the bar

Deleted 75 days ago
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When asking for the key refuse the blowjob and she will ask for wine after that go to your friends shop and buy wine and give it to the secretary 

I dont remember this being in the game, is this after .18?

Before .18. I just look at the walkthrough of the game in angryfur's website 

(1 edit)

I'm at the point where I'm building the gloves and for that I need the special alloy the only one mentioning it is the engineer and he says I have to talk to archie. But who and where is archie 

How do I enter the park? If I click on it, nothing happens but in the book are two hints that both say go in the park and meet...


Press every tree in the map near the park


Oh thank you, it was the biggest tree

(1 edit) (+1)

Im happy to help

Deleted 80 days ago

cant wait for more updates!!

I wasn't expecting it to update so quick usually takes longer


What happeend to the Change log--It says website doesnt exist-and what happend to the unlock all scenes button?


Best nsfw furry visual novel

How touch her breasts?

Still in development i think.

Aeeeeeee caralhooooo finalmenteeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Stupid question, how does one get to the 2nd story of the library?

You can't for now. I think.

You can get there now, but there is nothing to do once you are up there, for now at least.

(1 edit)

How do I repair the automaton?

Edit. Buy the automaton book from the library and bring the robot to the engineer girl

you need to get various parts to fix her, check the worktable in your room on what you need and suggestions on where to get them

I meant once I had all the parts

wait until evening when your sister gets home, then click on the automaton

or find the tools if you havent

You just saved me from thinking that I've gone insane.
You're a saint!!

how do i get the book suggestion from karl? tried everything but he just asks about work and sister doesnt say anything at all

click the book in the top of your screen, then press the light bulb sticky note on the left page, that will show you how to progress Karl to get there. Think it involves Lauren

how to talk with Lauren all I got is work

Ask the librarian

Anal sex?


I can't touch her breast why?

facing wrong way

How can i face to the other way?

How long will it take for the game to update?


The guy who made the game lives in Ukraine or so I'm told. Its most likely going to be a good while before we get an update.


jesus I hope the guy/gal/other (you get the idea gender is a social construct) is ok...


Me to m8

v0.1.0 came out


Does the pc version have more content than the android version?




How to upgrade the automaton? I forgot how lol

Nevermind i figured it out. 

Now idk how to do sister quest "Find her in bath" how do i trigger this?

She's in the bathroom on Wednesday night I think

how do you?


Were is .18?


Pls give us .19

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Nossa jogo maravilhoso espero que cheque atualização logo, recomendo para todos, as missões são um pouco confusas mas a história é muito boa  


Finalmente um br


pô a atualização da 18 ja chegou?


faz tempo, só que o dev pelo jeito esqueceu d posta, e colocou só a noticia q ela foi lançada. E vão demorar maos ainda pra sair versão nova, porque pelo jeito o dev é ucraniano e ta na guerra.

(1 edit) (+1)(-2)

Jojo reference 10 seconds into the game?

And it's the name of the school

Instant favorite

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